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2015 General Race Information


NEXT RACE:  is October 2-3 2015  at AOP

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Below you will find general information for competitors, spectators, teams, etc. for the 2015 season. Please read carefully. If changes occur, we will update the information.


Event Format

Camping is allowed at most events.  At some event venues camping will be included.  At other  venues, you will be  required to purchase camping sites depending on your team and level of accommodations. The specific requirements will be posted with each event’s info allowing you to plan ahead.  Check each event’s specific page for detailed information about format and specific rules for each venue.

Race times will generally be extended for all classes. The goal is to have a total of 8 hours of racing.  We expect to start the  first race of the day around 9:00 am ending at 1:00 pm. The second race of the day will begin at 2:00 pm and continue until 6:00 pm. There will be a one hour intermission between the races. This schedule will allot everyone  4 hours of racing time, allowing a reasonable end-time to complete the event. Awards will follow completion of the last race of the day with an hour of intermission for verification of timing, setup, etc.



Payouts will be based on the number of racers in each class. See payout structure here.

ECORS members are entitled to 100% of the published payouts while non-members are entitled to only 75% of the published payouts.





Here you will find cost and benefits of a season membership.

Non-members are entitled to all the prizes paid out in each class. The only exception is that they are only entitled to 75% of the posted payout where ECORS members are entitled to 100%. In addition, non-members do NOT have any free gate entries for any drivers or team members. Non-members, regardless of qualifying time, must start behind any members. Their qualifying times will serve to place them in front of other non-member racers.

Races and Points

Keep in mind, we are counting points from 5 races this year, assuming there are 6 races. We will drop one race, either your lowest scoring race, or one you did not attend. We have outlined how to quantify earning points, in the new 2015 rule book as well as added participation points that are NOT dropped. We also added a bonus point option for teams that run all events. Please visit the website in the upcoming weeks to check out the updated 2015 Point Table, which covers available points you can earn as well as participation points and bonus points.



The ECORS website is undergoing changes. One change will offer options for teams to add a team page. This will aid as a venue for showcasing accomplishments for procuring  sponsors.

Contact us:

ECORS is now operated by Meghan Heath and Travis Wilson ( or ). If you need anything, please contact us directly at the email above or don’t hesitate to call or text us: 423-902-9207 or 423-316-4559


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